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New TV ad for the finals

Watch out for the new ad on WIN. Thank you WIN for your support.

Be sitting in Central Wollongong Mall tomorrow and see what happens!

There are rows of white seats set out waiting for you!
Come and join us! Tomorrow (September 10th in front of the new H&M store)

The Fashion, Music and the Spectacle of deciding who the 12 grand Finalists will be going on to compete for IIawarra’s Top Model is where you want to be.
Illawarra’s Top Model Proudly presented by Mercedes-Benz Wollongong.
It’s a wonderful, exciting and glamourous event to kick of summer and it’s all for a cause.

BE THERE!! 11.30 am until around 2pm.

We at Highlights on Mental Health are working hard to raise funds for Mental Health so come and support us, the entrants, check out the Judges, meet your friends, bring the kids, come along and be AMAZED!

CMGAV are down there now setting up big screens, great music, the tents and red carpet.
The most professional and gorgeous team of technicians, sound and image experts..they get it all so brilliantly together and that means we can have some fun! Thanks CMGAV.

Dan Hunt. Ambassador for Illawarra’s Top Model and Highlights on Mental Health

We are proud and honoured to have Dan Hunt as an Ambassador this year.
Dan is well-known in the Illawarra for his talent as a major star footballer but he is also a local hero for more than that…his support for Mental Health.

We here at ITM and Highlights on Mental Health, are working hard presenting as our main Fundraiser, Illawarra’s Top Model
All funds raised by the entrants and their supporters, the sponsors, donations and through buying tickets to our Ball, Fashion Spectacular and Raffle Tickets, will be used to support this worthy cause.(go to Buy Tickets on our front website page)

Read what Dan has to say about Mental Health and his personal experience and struggle:

‘In 2009 I was struggling with some issues in my personal and professional life, and then I think the turning point for me was when I missed the 2010 grand final because of an Achilles injury.’’

Fortunately it was around this time that representatives from the Black Dog Institute visited the club to present a seminar on mood disorders such as depression and bipolar.

Mr Hunt went home and took the online test on the institute’s website, the results of which led him to an appointment and subsequent diagnosis.

According to the Black Dog Institute, bipolar II is diagnosed when a person experiences mood swings, but no psychotic episodes.

‘‘It was a little confronting to get the diagnosis but it was also a relief as it helped me to understand why I was feeling the way I did,’’ Mr Hunt said.

‘‘I was able to speak to professionals and get some coping strategies to put in place and, while it’s been a long road, I now know how to deal with it better.’’

As a mental health ambassador for the Dragons, Mr Hunt now helps others – something he will continue to do as he furthers his studies in social work.

‘‘If I can use my profile as a footballer to shine a light on mental health, that’s great,’’ he said.

‘‘I know a lot of young kids and other players who have struggled with mental illness, so it’s something we all need to talk about because there’s help out there.’’

Alanna Roodenrys, spokeswoman for mental health service Neami National, said the theme of this year’s Mental Health Month was to ‘‘Be Younique’’.

‘‘We’re all unique, we all have different strengths,’’ she said.

The story Dan Hunt opens up about bipolar diagnosis first appeared on Illawarra Mercury (Alpha).

Who will be Illawarra’s Top Model 2016?

A BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone following Illawarra’s Top Model…

The Final Judging to find the 12 Finalists going forward to the Grand Final is on in the Mall of our wonderful and talented not to mention gorgeous “inside and out” entrants for this year’s Illawarra Top Model. 11.30 am until 2pm.

Come down and find us in Central Wollongong Mall tomorrow morning, Saturday 10th September.
We are set up in front of the new H&M store.

Cheer them on and watch our Spectacular Fashion Show as the entrants walk the red carpet competing for a place in the Finals.

Only 12 entrants go forward to win the Top Title of Illawarras”s Top Model.
Please come along and support them. They deserve it!

They have trained hard and fund-raised for Mental Health even harder.
Our turn to support them Illawarra.

Our new TV Advert

Watch out for the new ad on WIN. Thank you WIN for your support.

First Finalist for Shoot the Hairdresser 2015

The Illawarra Mercury has released the first finalist in the inaugural Shoot the Hairdresser competition.

Read the full article on “Head Space” by Alex Sturman in the Illawarra Mercury.

Thank you to all the entrants. The Illawarra Mercury will be running a series in their Good Life Section for the month of September displaying the works of the 15 finalists. Once all 15 final works have been released Highlights for Hope will be providing the full gallery online for the Mercury Viewers’ Choice Award ($500). A pop up gallery will also be occurring in the GPT Wollongong Central Mall, with in person voting for the People’s Choice Award ($500).

Competition Gallery Now Open

You can visit a full competition gallery for voting for the Illawarra Mercury People’s Choice Award at http://www.highlightsforhope.org.au/shoot-the-hairdresser-2014-entries-photos.html.