South Coast Private Michael Heald Award

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South Coast Private is honouring the life, the work and the legacy of a man who inspired those around him and touched many people’s lives with his humility, his resilience and his desire to better himself, in spite of the debilitating mental health condition that affected him throughout his life.


After a long and often agonising battle with episodes of acute psychosis over a 15-year period that required regular hospitalisation in an inpatient mental health unit, Michael began his journey towards recovery in 2007.

This was hallmarked by his volunteer work with St Vincent de Paul. From this experience Michael accepted work with Greenacres Disability Services and eventually took on a leading role in the Better Days Peer Support Program, which focused on wellness, recovery and hope.

These three words illuminated the darkness in Michael’s life and gave him the focus and drive to open up about his struggles along his journey towards recovery.

Michael spoke openly and frankly delivering speeches to disability workers, local businesses, the mental health fraternity and connected community networks throughout NSW. Michael was managing his mental health well. His speeches on his battle to overcome adversity in his path towards recovery was highlighted through his participation in a road show that reached numerous regional locations across the state.

Michael blazed the trail as South Coast Private’s first Consumer Volunteer and he became a valuable member of our hospital family as a dedicated Peer Support Worker with South Coast Private.

Michael shaped our Partnering with Consumers under national accreditation standards, he was integral to the success of our Peer Support work and he leaves behind a tremendous legacy to South Coast Private and our staff and patients.

MICHAEL HEALD passed away on August 27, 2015.